Ashley Underwood on Survivor

Brenda as the Miami Dolphin Cheerleader

Brenda as Miami Dolphins Cheerleader

Brenda probably had the most interesting past role as the Miami Dolphins cheerleader.   Now she is spending her time runner her paddle board business.

Elise won Miss Washington pageant in 2008

Elise Umemoto wins miss Washington in 2008

Ex-survivor cast member was another miss [state] victor.  Looks like a criteria that many contestants seem to require.

Survivor Redemption Island - Girl's Beach Day

Ashley, Natalie, and Andrea from Survivor redemtion island (the original) have a girls beach day.

Ashley is the new model for Devoted Creations

Ashley's devoted creations photo shoot.  Photos by FanBoy

Recently, Ashley Underwood has entered as the new model for Devoted Creations.  Many of her photos can be seen in our photo gallery section.  See more photos or find out more information about this photo shoot from the media set on facebook.  This modeling life is just another aspect of

Brenda Lowe - Past Survivor Turned Business Professional

Brenda Lowe on a Paddleboard.  Join her in Miami, FL

Brenda Lowe, a previous survivor contestant is our latest example of taking advantage of her fame to promote her business ventures. We highly approve this occurring which is why we are sharing this information with you right now.

Paddleboard Miami is run by Brenda Lowe. It has a simple mission to provide a variety of paddleboarding adventures in Miami, FL. It is a cool way to get out and meet the ex-survivor/ex-Miami cheerleader in her regular everyday activities.

Post Survivor for Ashley Underwood - Becomming a Business Woman and Fitness Expert

Ashley the Fitness Wonderwoman

Survivor redemption island has been finished for a number of months now. The cast have made their rounds and appearances at a number of events around the nation. Taking advantage of their "celebrity" status for a few months and fulfilling their obligation to the Survivor public to give them a glimpse at the types of people they really are.

Survivor Redemption Island Closes with No Twists

Ashley Underwood on Survivor Season 22 Redemption Island Final

At long last, the survivor redemption island is now gone, hopefully forever.

Ashley Wins Most Important Immunity to Stay Alive on Survivor

Ashley Wins Immunity on Survivor

Last week we discussed how we only had one more week before Ashley was going to get voted off of survivor redemption island. Yeah, it was always certain that she wasn't going home this week, but in all of the possible scenarios, I just couldn't see how she might not be heading to redemption island. And then, out of thin air, Ashley comes up with her biggest performance of the game!

One More Survivor Episode, One Last Week of Ashley

Ashley Chatting in Front of a Rock on Survivor

The way the season has played out, it looks as though next week will be the last episode for Ashley to not be on redemption island. Why? Because everything this season has been very predictable with very little strategy against Boston Rob. Here's why Ashley is rated 90% to be voted off next week.

Rob - Will not get voted off due to having too many people believing he is god on survivor's island. The last 5 standing will not go against his thoughts and simply want to be the one he decides to bring to the end.